Tactical training done at Mamba will be done by the elite professional staff at the academy. We have members of all branches of the service including SEAL team, Marine Force Recon, Army snipers and Army Rangers and members of the law enforcement community.

Classes are done on an individual basis in some cases and special financial consideration will be offered. If you are interested in learning how to use your weapon effectively in a variety of unique situations we offer some the most interesting courses of fire available. We can tailor one to fulfill your special needs.

Other types of training offered at our academy are aimed more toward the civilian market. We have CHL for those who are interested in getting their concealed handgun license. We also are training individuals in the best way to protect themselves should they find a stranger has invaded their home. You will want to learn how best to defend yourself and your family in the process. We can teach you how to do this. Gun safety classes are given to adults and children. We offer hunter safety classes to children just starting out with the handling of firearms. We also offer more advanced firearms safety classes up to instructor level training.

Gun safety: we can instruct you in the fundamentals of firearm safety and responsible gun ownership

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